alana westwood headshotAlana Westwood is a fiction and non-fiction writer based in Ottawa, Canada. She mostly dissects policy and culture under the microscope of logic and science, but will pontificate about pretty much anything. Her work has been described as “illuminating”, “engaging”, and “made me late for my shift.”

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Policy Options. Environmental assessment policy must be based on science (with Aerin Jacob, Katie Gibbs, Petr Komers, and Sally Otto).

Le Devoir. Révision de la Loi sur les pêches: le Canada est-il prêt à renouer avec la science? (with Rodolphe Devillers and Rémi Daigle).

The Scientist. Sometimes, scientists must march (with Katie Gibbs and Kathleen Walsh).

Bird Watcher’s Digest. Rusty Blackbird: Species on the brink.

Humanist Perspectives. Sailing without a map: The need for evidence-based policies.

The Hill Times. Canada deserves a science and innovation system that brings real results (with Trevor Charles).


It’s in you to give. GUSH. Eds. Rosanna Deerchild, Ariel Gordon, and Tanis McDonald. Frontenac House: Calgary.

How to save a bird nobody likes. Picoides Vol 28, Issue 1. Society of Canadian Ornithologists.

Pausch. The Books They Gave Me. Ed. Jennifer Adams. Free Press: New York.

The view from his shoulders. Broad! Winter 2011 Issue. Eds. Heather Lefebvre and Emma Needleman. Pg 10-11.