Alana’s research brings together forests, species at risk, and science policy to support better decision-making about natural resources.

She is an Assistant Professor at Dalhousie University’s School for Resource and Environmental Studies. Stay posted–a lab website, including information for prospective students, is in development. Learn more about SRES here.

Alana’s past roles have included the Mitacs Canadian Science Policy Fellowship at Natural Resources Canada, the Science & Policy Analyst for the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative, the Research Coordinator for Evidence for Democracy, and a contributing scientist to the Boreal Avian Modelling Project. Her PhD investigated the habitat of bird species at risk in Maritime forests (featured the CBC documentary Birds At Risk).


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ENVI 5001/MGMT 4705 Environmental Assessment

ENVI 5505 Biophysical Dimensions of Resource and Environmental Management (upcoming 2021)

ENVI 5050 Special Topics: Forest Ecology & Management (upcoming 2021)


ENV 1600 Human-Environmental Interactions (University of Winnipeg)

BIOL 2601 Flora of Nova Scotia

BIOL 4451 Forest Ecosystems Field Course (University of Winnipeg)

Photo by Donna Kurt, UWinnipeg student BIOL4451


Dalhousie University – Biology, Ph.D

University of Winnipeg – Applied Environmental & Forest Ethics, B.Sc. Hons


Some favourites! See full list on ResearchGate or Google Scholar.

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Westwood, A.R., Reuchlin-Heugenholtz, E., Keith, D. 2014. Re-defining recovery: A generalized framework for assessing species recovery. Biological Conservation 172: 155-162.

For a curriculum vitae (March 2020), please click here.

Canada Warbler in New Hampshire