Alana draws on extensive involvement with non-profits, and for the last two years, worked Evidence for Democracy as their national research coordinator. E4D advocates for the transparent use of evidence in public policy and government decision making, and aims to end the muzzling of public scientists in Canada. She continues presently in a volunteer role.

Previously, she was the Research Director & Volunteer Coordinator for The Food Label Movement, and part of the 2012 Canadian Youth Delegation to COP18 in Doha, Qatar, among other affiliations. She’s also the consulting biologist for Juniper Law & Associates.

She is available to facilitate workshops on a range of issues at the interface of science, policy, and communication. You can get in touch here.


2016   Science Advocacy 101 & Communications for Scientists 101. Workshops hosted in Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Victoria, as well as nation-wide webinars. Recorded webinars available here.

2014-2015   Standing Up for Science: A Crash Course. Workshop hosted in Truro, Halifax, Winnipeg, and Edmonton. 

2013   Stand Up For Science Rally, Halifax. Invited speaker. Covered here.

2012   Conference of Parties to the UNFCCC 18. Commitment Issues report release on Canada’s climate policy (panel/press briefing); US Carbon billionaires and the UN climate deadlock report release (panel/press briefing). 

International Conference of Youth 8 (COY8). Everybody has a opinion: How to write and pitch op-eds (workshop); Spread the facts: Effective communication of science to general audiences (workshop).

PowerShift 2012. The muzzling of climate science in Canada (panel); Scientific literacy (workshop); Volunteer management (workshop).